Criminal Defence

Joe Mulholland & Co are considered one of the best criminal defence firms in Northern Ireland.

We are passionate in the defence of all our clients and our commitment and dedication is unrivalled, which is clearly evident in our quality of service.

Our Criminal Team are available 24 hours a day, to consult with over the telephone for any emergency and deal with arrests all over the jurisidiction at any time of the day or night. This emergency service is invaluable for those who have been arrested and are in detention at a police station. We will ensure prompt attendance and provide the best advice. This is completely free of charge.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients fully informed of all case developments and take their views seriously in managing their cases.

As experienced criminal practitioners, we have an outstanding knowledge of the criminal law and procedure and deal with a multitude of cases in both the Magistrates' Court and more serious matters in the Crown Court.

Our reputation is built on our untiring work and dedication to our clients in preparing every case to the highest standard and protecting our clients' rights without fear.

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Civil Litigation Department

We pride ourselves at working robustly to ensure all our clients are represented to the highest standards and their cases are progressed in the strongest possible manner. We offer a free consultation to all our clients and will ensure you retain 100% of your compensation claim if successful. Please contact our office today to arrange your appointment.

Personal Injury Claims:

Whether you fell in a public place or hurt yourself during the course of your employment you may be able to pursue a personal injury compensation claim. It will be essential to prove that the party at fault was negligent which lead to you sustaining injury.

Road Traffic Collisions:

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury (commonly known as whiplash) following a road traffic accident, which was not your fault, then you may be entitled to make a claim against the party who was at fault. If you are a driver, cyclist or pedestrian who is injured because of someone else's fault, then you will be pursuing a compensation claim against the other party's insurance company. Passengers who are injured will pursue a compensation claim against the driver of the other vehicle if they were at fault, or the driver of your vehicle and insurance company.

Injunctions against Harassment & Intimidation:

An injunction can be obtain under the Protection from Harassment (NI) Order 1997. This applies when the person seeking protection does not have a domestic family relationship with the other party. There must be two separate incidents of harassment; however the other party does not have to physically hurt you. These injunctions enable vulnerable individual’s to avail of the Court’s protection.

Medical/Clinical Negligence:

With the cuts to the health service we have witnessed a surge in claims against the Trust. The reforms to the health service cannot diminish the duty of care owed to the people who use the services. Here is a list of the most common types of medical accidents:

  1. Birthing injuries
  2. Misdiagnosis /delay in diagnosis
  3. Cosmetic Surgery errors
  4. Dental negligence
  5. Infection cases including MRSA
  6. General medical negligence
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Administration of Justice

At Joe Mulholland & Co. Solicitors we have a reputation for fearlessly representing our clients and ensuring their rights’ are continuously upheld at every opportunity within the justice system. We recognise the role of the criminal justice system and the statutory governmental bodies therein; however we believe that there must always be a means to hold these agencies to account ensuring openness and transparency.

Human Rights:

The introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 has impacted every area of law since it was implemented in October 2000 in this jurisdiction. The HRA protects the fundamental human rights identified by the European Convention of Human Rights and ratifies them as part of our domestic law.

The protected rights include the right to life, the right to freedom from torture and inhuman degrading treatment, the right to be made aware of the specific charges & the nature of the evidence against a client, the right to a fair hearing (civil/criminal), & the right to freedom from discrimination. The general principles in relation to these protected rights may apply in all types of cases including criminal cases, judicial review cases, children & family law cases and litigation.

Prison Complaints:

We recognised the vulnerability of prisoners within the criminal justice system and the issues with the prison service. We offer advice to prisoners and their families and liaise with the Prisoners’ Ombudsman furthering complaints.

PSNI Complaints:

We feel that it is of imperative importance given the historical content of this jurisdiction that all complaints against the Police are progressed adequately. We liaise with the Police Ombudsman’s Office other statutory agencies and our clients. We also can offer advice on civil actions against the PSNI.

Judicial Review Applications:

We have a highly experienced and respected judicial review department that has been involved in numerous cases that has ultimately lead to changes in our legal system. Judicial Reviews provides one with the opportunity to hold public institutions to account and have their decisions reviewed. We represent clients who wish to challenge the decisions, policies and practices of Public Authorities. These challenges involve a wide range of public bodies ranging from but not exhaustive to;

  • Secretary of State
  • NIO
  • All Stormont Departments
  • PSNI
  • Public Prosecution Service
  • Police Ombudsman
  • Prison Service
  • Health Trusts
  • Housing Executive and local Associations
  • Legacy and the Past:

    We offer advice in respect to legal issues emanating from the recent conflict in this jurisdiction. We have represented families in relation to civil actions against the PSNI and the British Ministry of Defence in relation to allegations of collusion by state agencies and paramilitaries in the death of their loved ones during the recent conflict. We have initiated actions in pursuit of damages but also in order to obtain disclosure with the view of assisting our client’s quest for the truth, justice and closure.

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    Family & Matrimonial

    Our Family and Matrimonial team are highly experienced and diligent solicitors who specialise in all aspects of family and matrimonial law.

    We are happy to give professional advice to support you through your ordeal in the hope that you can get peace of mind and a better understanding as to what to expect in the immediate future.

    If you have been a victim of domestic violence or need immediate assistance regarding any matters concerning your children then call the 24 Hour No: 07773317816.

    We can offer expert advice on a range of issues which include the following:

  • Disputes regarding Children including Residence and Contact (previously known as custody and access)
  • Divorce & Separation and associated Financial Resolution.
  • Financial Provision for Children
  • Care Orders & Adoption and any other matters involving Social Services
  • Domestic Violence and associated Emergency Applications
  • Cohabitation/ Civil Partnership and associated Financial Resolution.
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
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    Our Team

    Joe Mulholland (Partner)

    Christopher Logue (Partner)

    Brónach Kelly (Litigation/Criminal)

    Bridgeen Engelen (Member, Children’s Order Panel)

    Declan Boyle

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